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TruePlan™ for Xactimate®

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Factuur wordt verzonden na opdracht TruePlan™ eliminates the need to manually sketch properties, accelerating the estimation process and shortening claims cycles. A Matterport 3D model along with TruePlan allows you to conduct estimates and submit claims 100% remotely. Details Matterport TruePlan™ is a downloadable asset generated from a Matterport model and uploaded into Xactimate. With one click you can order a TruePlan™ directly from Matterport, and a complete as-built accurate Xactimate compatible sketch of the property is generated and delivered to you. Benefits of TruePlan™ Turnkey product Accurate as built measurements Consistent Documentation As built features like window type, flooring type identified Complete remote estimate process enabled Who is TruePlan for? TruePlan can be used to help in the estimating process when a person is trying to understand the scope of a property loss and the estimated cost of the restoration of that property. Xactimate sketches are used across the insurance loss cycle. Restoration contractors, carriers, estimators and adjusters alike all use TruePlan™ to help understand the conditions of a property when a claim is filed and a restoration project begins. Scanning Practices In order to maximize the accuracy of your TruePlans, please thoroughly scan each room making sure that you avoid misalignment or other artifacts that result from scanning practices. For more information please see our scanning guides. Additional Information Orders typically take up to 48 hours to be delivered. CAT events can affect service levels and processing times. All Matterport TruePlan™ are delivered as .SKX files. Available to all plans, excluding Free and Starter. TruePlans are unavailable for Spaces over 25k ft² (2300 m²). Models must only contain scans (3D and 360 views) from a Matterport Pro, a Leica BLK360, or a 360 Camera (Ricoh Theta family, Insta360 ONE family). Available for: Matterport Pro, Leica BLK, Matterport compatible 360 cameras


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